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  1. Bonnie Harkness

    I have a house full of furniture and small appliances to donate. My mother is in hospice and I have two weeks to empty her little house. Could you please contact me to make arrangements to donate as soon as possible. My phone number is XXX XXX XXXX.

    • Thank you for your enquiry.

      As long as the furniture/appliances are in good condition (no rips, tears, broken pieces, or smells (especially tobacco), we would be glad to accept your furniture and find good homes for it. Unfortunately, we do not have a pick-up service, so you will need to make your own arrangements to get the items to us. Volunteers are generally at the church mornings and early afternoons, Monday to Friday; however, even if you can’t come during those times, you can always leave the items on the front porch of the church in front of the glass doors of the church.

      Since it sounds like this would be a larger load, we would suggest that you contact Pastor Jon at 905-536-7457, once you’ve loaded up the furniture and are on your way to the church. He can alert the volunteers that you are on the way, or if there are no volunteers available at the time, he will see if someone can meet you at the church. If not, just leave it on the porch and a volunteer will be by shortly thereafter to bring it inside.

      If you have further questions, please contact Pastor Jon at 905-536-7457.

      Thank you.

  2. Jo-Ann Benedict

    I have three area rugs in great shape – two of them are 10’6″ X 7’10” and a smaller one is 5’6″ X 7’3″. They are all the same pattern – but I am sure wouldn’t mind being split up. Browns and beiges and patterned.
    May I donate these items?

    • Thank you for your enquiry.

      Some of our clients like getting area rugs, so yes, you can donate them. We just ask that they be clean/vacuumed with no significant stains. Bring them whenever is convenient for you. If no one is here, just leave them on the covered porch in front of the glass doors of the church at 1120 West 5 Street. Someone regularly checks for donations and can bring them inside the next time they pass by.

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